Boomer's Top 8 Funniest Moments is the eleventh short of Floogals, and the second part of Boomer's Funniest Moments.

"Boomer's Top 8 Funniest Moments"
Season 0, episode 11
Airdate: February 25, 2017
Music By: Sandy Nuttgens
Spike Scott
Cast By: Ceri Barnes
"Captain Fleeker's Bravest Moments"
"Fleeker's Top 6 Goofiest Moments"

Summary Edit

Junior Floogal Boomer loves to make his friends First Officer Flo Floogal and Captain Fleeker Floogal laugh. Check out these eight hysterical scenes from the show!

Characters Edit

Floogals Edit

Animals Edit

  • The Cat

Trivia Edit

  • None of the hoomans appear in this short.

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