Fleeker's Top 6 Goofiest Moments is the twelfth short of Floogals, it is the second part to Captain Fleeker's Bravest Moments.

"Fleeker's Top 6 Goofiest Moments"
Season 0, episode 12
Airdate: March 4, 2017
Music By: Sandy Nuttgens
Spike Scott
Cast By: Ceri Barnes
"Boomer's Top 8 Funniest Moments"
"Flo's Top 5 Surprising Moments"

Summary Edit

Fleeker may be a captain, but he can be goofy at times too! Join in on Fleeker's top 6 funniest adventures with First Officer Flo Floogal and Junior Floogal Boomer and see what trouble they get up to. 

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This short don't has appearance of the hoomans.


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