A Floogal in it have a fictional alien introduced in Floogals.

Appearance Edit

A Floogal in it day a alien that can have purple (male) or pink (female) skin, Also different eye color, The color of the Floogal Horns depend as seen in it day Fleeker, Flo and Boomer, A floogal most likely wears uniform as clothes, As seen in it me some Floogals appearing with Floog. Singamajig say Crayola Mint Green "It's raining it's pouring" (singamajigs mint green is voice) Sign On : Hello Song Mode : This is a story about on to the me all social studies Sign Off : This is daring doo Singamajig say Crayola Red "oh where has my little dog gone" (singamajig red voice) Sign On : Hi There Song Mode : Sing With Me Sign Off : Did You Wanna Play With Me Singamajig say Crayola Yellow "home on the range" (singamajig yellow voice) Sign On : Hello Song Mode : Yellow song Sign Off : Yellow did you wanna play with me Singamajig duet say Black and white baby "BINGO" (singamajigs duet red voice) Sign on : Where gonna see this guys Song mode : Oink oink Sign Off : Did you wanna play with me Singamajig duet say gray and red baby "Clementine" (singamajig duet sea green voice) Sign on : Can I major attention please Song mode : Meow Sign Off : It's The Only Puppets I Have Singamajig duet light blue and purple mouse "BINGO" (singamajig duet royal blue voice) Sign on : Cheese Song mode : Song singing Sing off : High 4 High 4 Singamajig Crayola White "Sing Sing Sing" (singamajig mint green voice) Sign On: Peep Poop Song Mode: Hollers Pacific Sign Off: Www.YouTube.Com