Scruffy is a male dog and the first pet in the hooman family, the other is the Cat.





Hoomans (family pet)

Interactions Edit

Scruffy has interaction with all characters in the show, except for Aunt Samantha, The Cat and Hugo.

Boy Hooman Edit

Scruffy interacts the most with Boy Hooman, the other being Dad Hooman, Boy Hooman sometimes scold him because of making disasters in his bedroom, also he plays with Boy Hooman in few episodes.

Status: Friends

Girl Hooman Edit

Scruffy don't interacts much with Girl Hooman, In Project Flashlight, Girl Hooman thinks that Scruffy was dancing in the wall, really being Boomer using his hands, But however in few episodes Girl Hooman interacts with him.

Status: Friends

Mom Hooman Edit

Scruffy rarely interacts with Mom Hooman, In Project Flashlight, Mom Hooman ignores that Scruffy was on the wall.

Status: Probably Friends

Dad Hooman Edit

Scruffy interacts the most with Dad Hooman, the other being Boy Hooman, In Project Leash, Dad Hooman goes with Scruffy to the park.

Status: Great Friends

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