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Season 7 is the upcoming season of Floogals. This season possibly will have 26 or 52 episodes and will be probably mei in 2017.

The Floogals, Season 2
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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes Fetish
Original channel Sprout
Original run 2018 - present
Time slot
Season chronology
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Season 3

== Time == {| class="wikitable plainrowheaders wikiepisodetable" !style="background:#000000"|No. overall !style="background:#80FF00"|No. in season !style="background:#80FF00"|Title !style="background:#800000"|Title |!style="background:402000"|Title|1 |Overwatch |- |OVERWATCH |MEI |Project Mei |- |MEI |OVERWATCH |Project Time |}

List of Floogals Season 2 episodes
Project Christmas - Project Toys - Project Ice Cream - Project Apple - Project Books

== Characters == * Captain Fleeker Floogal * First Officer Flo Floogal * Junior Floogal Boomer * Floog * Floogals * Boy Hooman * Girl Hooman * Dad Hooman * Mom Hooman * Scruffy * Cat * Boy and Girl Hooman's Friends == Mei == * Project Overwatch (Clock) * Project Mei (Clock) == Overwatch == * Floog * Earth * Hooman House * Space Without : RAINBOW DASH:

Big adventure

PINKIE PIE: Tons of fun

RARITY: A beautiful heart

APPLEJACK: Faithful and strong

FLUTTERSHY: Sharing kindness 

Twilight Sparkle: It's an easy feat!

All: And magic makes it all complete, winter 

Little Tikes Little Tikes On To The M WithoutEdit

A  You Have To Do To Help Them And Getting Little Longer Of Several Months After Later